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One year and the Lash and Brow Bar has made it

Hi everyone long time no hear, I'm just blogging to say I truly appreciate everyone that has ever stepped foot in the Lash and Brow Bar for any type of service, its because of y'all the Lash and Brow Bar has made one year. Happy Anniversary to the Yatringela Station Lash and Brow Bar, and do not forget you can schedule Sunday appointments from 10a-6p. Thank you again

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Happy New Year everyone stay tuned to the blogs because there will be some specials coming very soon, but do not forget Waxxy Wednesday's will still continue, Brazilian Wax for $35 every Wednesday. Se

Holiday hours and Vacation time.

Hello everyone the holidays are coming aren’t y‘all excited? Well I am and I’m gonna be spending some much needed family time with my family. I will not be taking any appointments starting November 17


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